Coffee and Espresso can be made from the same type of coffee bean. So does that mean they are the same? The answer is NO. The method of making a coffee and Espresso are different. There are different kinds of coffee, and they all have a different preparation method. Pour Over/Drip Coffee Cone, Pour Over/Drip Chemex, Plunger/Press French Press, Plunger/Press: AeroPress, Percolate: Stovetop Moka Pot, Vacuum: Siphon are few different types of coffee based on their preparation.

Espresso isn’t made from different coffee beans. Espresso coffee beans are roasted for a longer time. High-quality Robusta beans are also added for extra caffeine. As the type of bean used is essential for its taste, aroma, and caffeine content. The big difference between a coffee and an espresso is its preparation method.

With the help of the right machine and dark roasted coffee beans grounded correctly can give the complex, aromatic, and perfect amount of caffeine espresso shot. The right machine for an espresso is an ‘Espresso Machine’. Espresso machine pressurizes boiling water to pass through tightly packed ground coffee beans. With the help of an espresso machine, you can have your Espresso ready in less than a minute! The signature layers of espresso are a thin layer of foam or crema at the top and the shot of coffee at the bottom.

The lever of pressure in the espresso machine is the switch that gives Espresso its pure magic. Pressure helps to extract the rich coffee oils into the coffee and develops crema. Excellent coffee grounds are another essential factor for a rich shot of Espresso. Generally fresh and medium size coffee grounds are preferred for the Espresso.

How does an Espresso shot look like?

  1. Crema:

The thick layer of brown, bubbly crema or the coffee foam is the visual indication of a properly brewed espresso shot. The delicate coffee oils blend with the pressurized hot water to foam thick crema. It lasts for 40-minutes to get wholly mixed with the Espresso.

  1. Espresso:

Properly brewed Espresso has a rich taste and aromatic scent. Espresso has more volatile and aromatic coffee oil than any other coffee. When through an espresso can be brewed in 30 seconds, it has 60% to 70% of the caffeine in it. A shot of Espresso has unique and velvety mouthful taste.

To make a coffee, you can use the pour-our method, drip method or a French press method. These methods help you get a sweet and aromatic cup of coffee. Even though coffee prepared by these methods will have milder coffee flavor than the shot of Espresso and there won’t be a crema present on the coffee.

Thus, the main difference between an espresso and brewed coffee is its method of preparation. The method of preparation is as important as the coffee beans used for the different types of coffee.

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