Types And Uses Of Drilling Machinery in Different Industries

Drilling machinery

We all see skyscrapers and beautiful buildings and we appreciate the architecture but we do not spare a thought about the minute but essential equipment like the equipment.  One such equipment we often overlook is the drilling machinery. It is essential for any kind of building requirements and even for decoration purposes.

They are also used in several industries like manufacturing, metalwork, masonry, woodworking, convenience, etc. However, we do not even know about their different types. It is important to know in detail about this machinery especially if you are involved in or interested in construction. A drilling machine is a machine for making holes and removing chips. Let’s look at it in detail.

Different types of drilling machinery and their uses.

The most basic application of the machine is to make holes of different sizes in solid materials. Different drills are used in different parts of the industry. They can also perform applications like countersinking, boring, counterboring, reaming, tapping, and spot facing. Some of the types are:

  • Upright drill press: This is a heavy-duty type drilling machine. It is used on large hole-producing operations that involve heavier or larger parts. It allows you to either power feed or hand feed the tool into the site. Some types of this machine are manufactured with automatic table-rising technology.
  • Upright sensitive drill press: This is typically a light-duty machine but it can do moderate duties as well. It can only be hand-fed. It is manufactured in a bench style or a floor style.
  • Radial arm drill press: It is often referred to as the radial drill press. It is the machine most commonly used for producing holes. The design of the machine makes it easy for the operator to position it, even on parts that are too large. The operator can also drill intersecting or angular holes in one setup and for more radial arm drill press check out www.drilling-it.com.
  • Pillar drill machine: It consists of a base, column, spindle, drill head, and table. It is lighter and easier to use than the hand drill. It also offers precise and accurate drilling.
  • Drilling cum Milling machine: As the name suggests, this is used for both drilling and milling. It is a relatively lighter machine with much additional functionality.

Applications in Metal Industries

Drilling machinery offers high performance with excellent accuracy at a low maintenance necessity. The different models provide flexibility and convenience. Precision drilling is an integral part of the metal industry as holes of precise depth and sizes must be made on a variety of surfaces. They can also be used to bond two pieces of materials together and placing fasteners.

Application in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Radial drilling machines are especially used in this industry because they are highly adaptable. They can not only make holes in the work section, but they can also broaden the existing holes.  They are used to make agitator vessels, mixers, bioreactors, fermentation equipment, storage space tanks, and more. Some machines are also used to process, divide, and pack medicines.

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