Bluetooth receiver purchase advice

If you want to buy a new Bluetooth receiver, you are spoilt for choice, because the range of products is very large. Before you make a price comparison, you should therefore take a close look at the different types of Bluetooth receivers and also consider criteria such as battery life, features, and functionality.

Whether a low-priced Bluetooth receiver is sufficient for your purposes depends of course on the respective area of application. To make your purchase decision a little easier, we have finally summarized the best Bluetooth receivers of the year 2020 for you once again.

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Functionality and Types of Bluetooth receivers

Our recommendation is to first look at the three different types of Bluetooth receivers and decide on one type. This will help you to better narrow down the range and find the model that is best suited for your purposes as the best Bluetooth receiver available. In the following, we have briefly summarized for you which types are most common.

Bluetooth music receiver for the car:

Small Bluetooth receivers for the car radio are very inexpensive to buy, they are compactly built and usually battery-operated. They usually have a jack plug connection so that the device can be operated at the aux input of the car radio. Of course, you can also use the compact car Bluetooth receivers at home with the stereo system.

Due to the compact design, the battery life is shorter than in most larger models. In addition, the range can be reduced, but this is not important for use in a car.

Bluetooth music receiver for home use:

Compared to the more compact models for the car, models for home use are also available with a power plug. However, they are very often also equipped with a rechargeable battery. As a rule, they are mainly intended to make the stereo system Bluetooth-compatible. Compared to compact models, the receivers for home use generally offer better transmission quality.

USB Bluetooth receiver:

These compact dongles are designed for connection to a laptop, PC, or console. Depending on the model, both audio devices and, for example, a mouse or keyboard can be connected to such a device.

Power supply and battery life

If the receiver is equipped with a rechargeable battery, the battery life is of course very important. This is particularly important if it is to be used on the move. The higher the capacity of the battery, the greater the device must be built. So you always have to make a compromise between compact design and battery performance.

Not all compact Bluetooth receivers can be operated at the same time also at the 12V connection in the car. If this is important for you, please make sure that this is possible. For the models for use with the stereo system, however, this is usually possible as an alternative.

Additional functions, equipment, and connections

In addition to battery life and design, you should also consider other criteria when buying. We have summarized some important factors that should be taken into account in the comparison below.

Depending on the application, the range can of course be important. If the Bluetooth receiver is paired with a portable mobile device and is also supposed to receive data when you move away a little with the device, the range can quickly become an exclusion criterion.

Usually most receivers have no problem up to a distance of 10 meters, but there are also very high-quality Aux-Bluetooth adapters that can convince with ranges of up to 50 meters. Our recommendation is to set value on a range of at least 15 meters, if this is a relevant criterion for you.

So you can be sure that even around a corner or through a wall a good reception is still guaranteed. In this context, please also pay attention to the Bluetooth version, because the higher this is, the more stable the connection is usually – provided that your terminal device supports the Bluetooth version.

You should also pay attention to the connections. The best Bluetooth receiver is of little use to you if you ultimately cannot connect it to the car radio, the speakers or your stereo system. For example, not every Bluetooth adapter has an HDMI port or an optical connection. So check carefully whether you can connect it to the desired device.

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