Want to experience adventurous and unexplored fishing? Then you can try to fly fishing or Heli-fishing. The best fishing can be experienced in remote rivers. But it would be best if you were supervised under a guide for safety and have better fishing experience. Carry necessary and quality equipment before you start your fishing trip. Let’s look at a few famous and experienced guides around the world.

Clinton Isaac – If you want to fish in the Himalayas, then the person to get help is Clinton Isaac from Australia. He was fascinated and started fishing at the age of 14. He learned the skills of fly fishing for trout, carp, herring, and bass. He started to work part-time to fly fish at the age of 18 on the East coast of Australia. Later, he took jobs overseas to catch taimen in Mongolia, salmon in Norway, mahseer in India and lot more. Now he travels around the world to catch different species. He teaches and guides the tackles to catch fishes like mahseer, trout, and goonch. Mahseer is the king of rivers, and it tests one’s patience to a maximum extent. The best season is from February to June and from October to November. The best season to catch trout and goonch is February to October and October to June, respectively. The rods for these fishes are 9 foot and varies from 8-10 weight. He suggests using dark color floating lines, preferably and sinking lines sometimes. 

Ben Haywood – The best guide for trout and salmon fishing in New Zealand. He guides us in both fly fishing as well as Heli-fishing. Ben Haywood from Christchurch is one of the experienced fishing guides in New Zealand. He specializes in fly fishing wild chinook salmon in the river systems of Canterbury. He always suggests to use the best quality equipment and also offer many fishing trips. Apart from catching salmon, he also allows us to catch trout in the remote Canterbury and the wilderness of the West Coast of the South Island.   

Abbie Schuster – The young and energetic guide in the Northeastern salt waters. She guides strictly follow catch-and-release considering the environment at first. This 29-year old guide is different from other conventional guides in fishing. She guides only to fly fishing. She offers a whole day fishing experience along with beach driving and yoga session.  

Paul Ray – He is one of the best experts in Florida is working at Eleven’s Angling. He has an experience of 12 years in fly fishing in the regions of Everglades. The place is better known for fishing Atlantic tarpon. You are offered to stay on the ship for four days and fish from dawn to dusk. Paul Ray will guide you to fish even for straight 12 hours.

Due to the growing demand for fishing, many species of fishes are forced to be in the endangered list. Considering these endangered species, fishes of certain size ad weight has to be left back into the water. So, many guides strictly follow the catch-and-release fishing policy. You can also opt to take two guides along for fishing. Look for the best time of the year to go for a fishing trip and contact the best guides to create a memorable fishing experience.

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